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Sustainable tourism in villas Vlastelini

We are proud to announce that villas Vlastelini started 2020 with its ECO DOMUS Certificate, which implies sustainable tourism, i.e. performing accommodation activities with minimal environmental impact, or with maximum contribution to nature conservation. The ECO DOMUS Certificate was awarded after an extensive eco-certification process based on more than 50 basic criteria in 12 categories; it was awarded by the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian Region. Villas Vlastelini are part of a narrow selection of environmentally certified accommodation units.

Sustainable tourism in villas Vlastelini stands for the following:

  • We are oriented toward a holistic environment and health protection approach, and are committed to social and environmental responsibility
  • We promote local cultural and natural heritage with the aim of preserving Istrian heritage and authenticity, we promote local food and beverage producers and the local cuisine
  • We generate our own thermal energy from renewable sources
  • We use electricity from renewable sources (Electricity Distributor Certificate)
  • We sort and recycle waste
  • We use natural materials and products in the selection of textiles, paints and varnishes, furniture and other items for use, i.e. usage of plastics in facilities is minimal
  • We use eco-certified toiletries and personal hygiene products in order to protect guests' health and avoid the release of harmful substances into the environment
  • We use water-saving methods and monitor energy consumption to save electricity, energy-saving light bulbs and motion sensors are used, lighting fixtures are separately activated and the facilities are furnished with highest energy class appliances
  • We use environmentally certified detergents and cleaning products, as well as lawn-care products

Read more about the environmentally-conscious Istrian tourist offer in the eco brochures "Istria ecoxperience - Everything eco from Istria" that can be found in our villas.

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