Villa Vlastelini

Reward your spirit. Release your mind. Enjoy your free time.

A quiet location surrounded by nature

Peace of mind is the ultimate point of complete rest, relaxation and pleasure. Some places simply radiate with such aura - and they are naturally predestined to be the points where this wonderful cleansing takes place.

The experience of a real escape from the gloomy everyday life, the salvation from the rapacious hand of urban jungle, the distance from the increasingly present (and increasingly dangerous) technology - is the sacred grail of a contemporary man.

Already at the entrance to the Villa Vlastelini estate which is located at the Santo Spirito site, we realize that we are in a place that will give us exactly that kind of relaxation. Greenery supremely rains, in its most beautiful and natural shades, and scattered details of stone, through roads, walls and buildings faithfully based on the tradition of rural Istria, only add to the exquisite, almost perfect colours.

The host will make sure to make your stay even more enjoyable and carefree, and he is available to you for all the information, reservations and other help you need.

built in 1921 - restored in 2011

Property Information


  • East Coast of Istria, Labin town, Presika-Kapelica, Sveti Duh (Santo Spirito)
  • Nearest town: Labin 900 m
  • Sea 3,3 Km
  • Shop 900 m
  • Restaurant 600 m


  • Property Size: 20.000 m2 (of which 7.000 m2 are available to guests)
  • Year of construction: 1921 - Complete renovation: 2011
  • Material of construction: 6 types of stone and wood
  • Complete thermal insulation of the villa


  • The owner lives on the property
  • Guests are provided with complete privacy
  • Pets are not allowed at the guest's disposal


  • A tennis court on an artificial floor with lighting
  • Golf training ground with 7 holes
  • Swimming pool with heating possibility.
  • Garden with seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Animal Park with domestic animals (sheep, turkeys, hens, rabbits, dogs)
  • Two springs of fresh water
  • Hiking trails


  • Central heating
  • 3 fireplaces
  • Air-conditioned object
  • TV in each room
  • HI-FI, PlayStation center for video games
  • Fire detection system
  • Wireless internet throughout the Villa and tavern

Perfect escape. Not so far away physically, and yet,

you feel like you are in the other end of the world.

6 types of wood and stone

Villa Vlastelini Santo Spirito

The estate is located on nearly 20,000 square meters of carefully landscaped grounds, and it contains almost all the natural benefits of rural Istria - a mini farm with domestic animals, orchards and vegetable garden, from which the guests can consume ecologically grown fruits, an outdoor fireplace with a grill and numerous recreational facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, golf exercises and trekking paths.

Arriving at the house, we pass through a unique stone path made of carved Glagolitic alphabet, an ancient Slavic script used in Istria until the 19th century.

Being close and feeling far - priceless! Especially when it comes to a place chosen for a vacation. Closeness of provisions and contents, good traffic connections and a small distance from the urban centre are certainly desirable, especially if you are on a family holiday with children.

On the other hand, the true relaxation is only possible with the feeling of intimacy, discretion and mild isolation from modern civilization and busy everyday life. Villa Vlastelini, an autonomous country estate close to the old town of Labin, is where both desires meet.

It is a great advantage as well as additional security that the owner's residence is located just by the estate. Of course, separate entrance, access road and fence guarantee full discretion.

Villa Vlastelini Santo Spirito

3300 meters from the sea

Additional services

For the full enjoyment of the ultimate comfort of the Villa, situated in the green and blue serenity of the gentle bay, sometimes it is necessary to be treated to the royal treatment. Only for you, we will provide professional masseurs, beauticians or physical therapists that will give you the ultimate relaxation or beauty treatment.

In order to enjoy an exquisite meal in a most comfortable way, without leaving the Villa, we will arrange for you to have a guest cook – a chef from one of the renowned Labinština restaurants.

The service is available upon request.
In peak season, the possibility of organizing a lunch or dinner preparation service may be reduced. Organizing a quality breakfast chef is almost always available, as is organizing high quality catering.


Private chef

A renowned chef will prepare you lunch or dinner in the comfort of the area of the Villa


Relax without leaving the property - we will order a masseur service for you

private chef
Family Vlačić

Family Vlačić

Family nickname of the Vlačić family is Vlastelini (Gentry). Gentry were medieval noblemen, land owners in the Middle Ages.

The origin of the Vlačić family is also linked to the name of the most famous Istrian and Croatian reformer Matija Vlačić Ilirik (Matthias Flacius Illyricus) born in Labin (1520-1575). He is the greatest Croatian Protestant theologian and church historian and philologist who was educated in Wittenberg and cooperated closely with the icon of Protestantism - Martin Luther.