Bio zone and sport

The balance of the peaceful spirit and the active body is a recipe for happiness. Tennis rackets, golf clubs, bike wheel or just comfortable walking shoes will enhance the comfort of your holiday in Santo Spirito.

The spirit is resting even when it is not sleeping - then it particularly appreciates the untouched nature, the smells and sounds of Mediterranean flora and fauna, the contrast of the scattered wilderness of southern forests and the delicate meadows covered with aromatic self-grown herbs. The experience begins on the estate itself – regardless in the garden and orchard, near which there is also a small farm of domestic animals.

The walk can be continued in multiple directions - each one is equally beautiful and attractive - and in this is the magic of this wonderful place tailored for the rest of spirit! For those wishing to stay in the safe area of Santo Spirito, there is no lack of sports activities - from tennis courts and golf practice fields to a large swimming pool and a serene walk to a really spacious, well-kept home garden.

  • Golf course
  • Tennis court with lighting
  • Table tennis
  • Trekking
  • Hiking trails
  • Farm with domestic animals
  • Garden with seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Gastronomy
  • Tasting of wine and olive oil
  • Culture and Art


The 7-hole golf exercise field on artificial stone surface offers the pleasure of playing golf for all generations. The host provides you with basic golf equipment (sticks and balls).


For all those who achieve the tranquillity of the spirit by bodily activity, Vlastelini estate is an oasis created for recreational or active recreation. From calmer and less demanding activities such as practicing golf kicks, walking trails inside the estate or swimming in the pool, to serious sports such as tennis, Nordic walking or jogging - the spacious estate offers plenty of content for a physically active vacation.

Table tennis

Popular recreation but also good fun for those more experienced, for beginners and even for the youngest.

table tennis


Start or end the day actively by playing a tennis game on illuminated field with artificial surface.



Accommodation in the heart of Labinština offers the opportunity to enjoy recreation and physical activity in the surrounding area. The offer of sports and recreational activities outside of Villa, in the wider area of Labin and throughout Istria, is extremely rich and varied. Outdoor recreational sports such as biking, trekking, horseback riding, hiking or water sports such as swimming, diving, windsurfing or sailing especially stand out.


Terrains in the vicinity of Labin are a combination of hillsides, plateau and spacious fields, so they open up a challenge to all lovers of driving on two wheels- from recreationalists to professionals.



By following the marked path by the sea, you come to Rabac, along the passage near the old port Teleferika for bauxite transport. In the continuation, the path ascends to the old town of Labin.

horse riding

Riding horses

Near the Villa there is a ranch with horses, where you can enjoy riding these noble animals with expert supervision.


Meadows and forests which alternate on the hilly terrain allow daily hiking or trekking.


Mountain climbing

Take a stroll along one of the numerous mountain trails in the vicinity of Labin and treat yourself to healthy enjoyment of natural beauty.

mountain clibing
rent a boat

Rent a boat

Rent a small boat, boat with a cabin or even a speedboat with a skipper and discover all the magic of the Labin coastline - a wide offer of rent-a-boat services is waiting for you at the waterfront in Rabac

Sea activities

Blessed with its exceptional natural location, Labin stands on a hill above the most beautiful part of the Istrian coast. Numerous bays, white rocks, pebble beaches and the greenery of the pines that descends to the sea itself create a scenery which seems to be designed for the perfect enjoyment of sea fun and water sports.


Labin coastline is an internationally popular diving destination. In addition to the rich underwater flora and fauna, there are also attractive wrecks of several submerged boats


Sea excursions

The proximity of one of the most beautiful Adriatic islands - Cres - offers the opportunity for ideal one-day excursions and fishing picnics, which sometimes turn into an attractive dolphin watching!

sea excursion

Bio & zoo corner

The gentry estate has always had its own organic garden from which the owner of the estate picked fresh vegetables. Today, this garden is fully available to the guests of the Villa, and fresh and delicious, ecologically grown and freshly picked vegetables are a desirable ingredient for preparing meals in the kitchen or on the grill of the holiday house, with the top choice of unavoidable Mediterranean herbs.

Throughout the year, seasonal fruits can be harvested in the orchard, and the whole variety of fruit will satisfy everyone's desires: As soon as the spring cherry are picked, pears, apples and plums begin to mature, the late summer brings figs and grapes and in autumn mature persimmon and kiwi.

Zoo park

In the farm part of the estate, there are chickens, turkeys, conies, sheep, a few cats and proud guardian dogs (dogs are in the fenced area).

zoo park
plants and herbs

Self-grown and aromatic herbs

Find and pick handful of self-grown and aromatic plants and enrich your dishes with new, unique Mediterranean flavours.


Bio garden

Pick in the garden fresh and domestic seasonal vegetables and fruits.