Gastronomy and culture

Istria is an experience that is absorbed with all the senses - do not miss out on the numerous sights, breathe the smells, taste food and wine, touch the crystal sea and listen to the sounds of the majestic nature of the green peninsula.


Istria has raised its culinary tradition and the richness of autochthonous meals to a high level and has become a top destination of numerous top-quality food enthusiasts.

Regardless if it is continental delicacies such as truffles, Istrian prosciutto, homemade cheese, self-grown asparagus, meat delicacies from Istrian ox - boškarin, or fish and seafood specialties, the Labin region itself offers numerous renowned restaurants and autochthonous taverns for a true gastronomic experience of Istrian peninsula.

Autochthonous dishes

Taste various autochthonous and traditional dishes in the vicinity of Labin and Rabac.

traditional dishes
olive oil

Olive oils

World-renowned extra virgin olive oils.

wine cellar

Wine cellars

We can add to this the rich offer of cellarers which respectively offer top quality local wines.

Villa Vlastelini II - velo kafe

Restaurant recommendation

Istria, as a gastronomic destination, with quality and popularity that has grown considerably in the last decade. To the numerous visitors the opportunity to taste the autochthonous delicacies of this special region is the main motivation to come. Just a few minutes’ drive from the Villa is located one of the best and most renowned restaurant on the eastern part of the peninsula - Velo Kafe, situated on the main square of the old town of Labin.

There are several renowned restaurants that are among the best in eastern Istria, most of which are located in or near the old town of Labin.


On the gastronomic map of eastern Istria, Velo kafe stands out, a place where numerous autochthonous Istrian specialties and seafood delicacies can be tasted, prepared according to the main cookbook recipes.


The only true city cafeteria in Labin, Velo kafe, is a popular gathering place of citizens, but also the first choice of tourists, both for refreshments and for enjoyment in delicious pastries and homemade ice cream.


In the summer months, enjoy your lunch in a pleasant shade of century-old wisteria or dine with a view of the vibrant Labin square, where concerts, performances and other cultural events take place almost every day.

Culture and art

The bliss of silence and untouched nature of the Prtlog bay is an inspirational environment for expressing your own creativity, and peace and isolation from external distractions is extremely stimulating for enjoying music, writing, painting or photography. Still, most will opt for exploring the culture and art of this region.

Labin, as one of many medieval Istrian towns, is a place of rich history and layered cultural heritage, from ancient times to modern times. Likewise, the whole Istria is rich in cultural and historical monuments, with numerous fun and cultural events that occur almost every day in the summer months.

Dubrova Sculpture Park

Visit a unique park with around 90 sculptures of international sculptors.

park dubrova


Look for inspiration at Villa Vlastelini and nearby Labin, a city with a beautiful view, a shelter of many artists.

mining exibition

Mining setup

Feel and experience the atmosphere of hard coal mine at the National Museum of Labin.