Reservation and payment

How to use online calendar and calculate prices

1. Use of Calendar and Automatic Price Calculation

Check the prices by dates in the PRICES display box. When your booking is confirmed, you will be informed by email about the bonuses offered for certain dates. The calendar shows the accommodation availability and only available dates can be marked. Click on your holiday dates planned (arrival – departure). The time between the dates selected will automatically be selected. The first date you selected is a date of your arrival and the last date is a date of your departure.

When you select your holiday dates, a confirmation of the dates selected will be displayed in the calendar below indicating the total number of nights and the price for your stay generated in line with the prices for the time selected. In high season, the arrival date is fixed to Saturday and the minimum time of stay is 7 nights. In off-season, the arrival date is not fixed and the minimum stay is 4 nights. Check-in is from 4 pm on and check-out by 10 am.

2. Filling in Enquiry Form

Once you have chosen your holiday time, fill in the enquiry form below by entering your personal data, total number of guests coming and other details required in the form. Special offers apply to some calendar dates so we advise you to check available options under SPECIAL OFFERS in the main menu.

3. Checking the Data Entered

Check the data entered and confirm your booking request.

4. Booking and Payment

When we receive you booking enquiry we will respond within 24 hours or 48 hours if sent on weekends or national holidays and email you the booking confirmation, payment details (advance payment and the balance) and the payment terms and conditions. Guest pay the bank fees for effecting the payment.

Booking and cancelation terms and condition

1. After accepting and agreeing on the booking terms and conditions, a deposit of 30% of the total rental price for the holiday Villa, shall be paid by the guest to confirm booking.

2. Deposit shall be paid within 7 days from the date of the holiday cost estimate (pro-forma invoice) at the latest. The pro-forma invoice emailed by the rental owner is made to the rental price total, it will contain the amount of deposit with a due date (7 days from the pro- forma invoice date), and the balance and its due date (60 days prior to the holiday start date). Should the rental owner not receive deposit within 7 days, the reservation will be considered as cancelled by the guest.

3. When the rental owner receives the deposit to its bank account, the guest shall be issued a payment receipt confirming the booking. The payment receipt for 30% deposit of the rental price total shall be emailed to the guest.

4. At the latest 60 days prior to holiday commencing, the guest shall pay to the rental owner the balance of the rental price total in accordance with the estimate(pro-forma invoice) received.

5. If the guest does not make the payment as agreed (60 days prior to the holiday start date), and as stated in the pro-forma invoice, the booking of the holiday rental shall be deemed cancelled and the deposit shall not be refunded unless the rental owner is able to re-let the property at the same price.

6. When the guest pays the estimate balance within 60 days before their arrival, they shall be mailed an invoice/payment receipt to the remaining 70% of the rental price total and the booking confirmation.

7. In case of a no-show at the holiday rental on the agreed date, the rental owner shall refund the guest 10% of the costs not incurred (current, water, air-condition, etc.) and shall retain the balance.

8. Upon arrival at the holiday house, the guest shall pay a security damage deposit which they will get it back on the date of their departure if no damage is done on the property and inventory.

9. The rental owner shall give the guest a damage deposit receipt for the deposit paid. By signing the receipt, the guest shall confirm the deposit refund.

Cancellation rules in Covid-19 cases

In case that will not be possible to travel due to closed borders, or mandatory 14-day quarantine because of the corona virus situation, guests can:

We strongly advise you to take out appropriate insurance so that you are covered should you have to cancel your booking and holiday.